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My name is Heather and married and a mother of three boys, I have always been a foodie at heart and love to create new dishes and feed the masses, so to speak.  In my 20’s I was a health food nut, physically fit and really paid attention to what I put in my body.  When my second son was born I found myself a single parent, a failure of sorts, because there was no father in the house.  This was the point, through much soul searching, when my weight got out of control and I began emotionally eating, what tasted good, instead of what was good for me.  Fast food became my
go-to meals for myself and my children.  In some ways I over compensated by allowing my children to dictate what they wanted to eat, and using drive-through instead of creating meals for them, because it was more convenient..   My mantra has always been “If I can’t fix ya, I’ll at least feed ya”  After all food brings people together, who doesn’t like to eat?
Upon meeting Jan (my co author) and saw the way she prepared her food, and how wonderfully tasty it was, I decided that it was time for me to eat to live, instead of living to eat.  I have been able to take her recipes and alter them slightly to feed my family.  Jan is Vegan and we are not.  My family is not exactly on board with the no meat meals, bit at least are giving it a try.  Meat in our financial budget is about 1/2 of what I spend per month  I would like to eventually get tot the point that we are only eating meat in our meals a few times a week.  It is for sure a work in progress.
Since meeting Jan, I have adapted some of her cooking practices and have eliminated meats from some of my meals and have replaced sugar with Stevia extract in my drinks and sweets.   I am not as bloated as I once was.  I also find myself having more energy, and feeling less dragged down.
In this blog, I hope to be able to go on this adventure of other people who are emotional eaters like I am, and learn different ways to prepare meals for my family.  It is my hope to become a person who eats to live instead of living to eat….