YUM Hummus!


Hi there, Heather here. I made the hummus this morning for a BBQ that we are having.  I used the blender instead of the mini chopper, and it made the consistency a little more smooth than it does using the mini chopper.  Also replaced the Hemp oil (didn’t have any) with Olive oil, and for a kick used about 1/4 tsp of horseradish.  My picky husband loved it, and Alex, my 15 year old said it was ok.  Serving it with fresh vegetables.

Eating for me now has taken on a new life of its own.  I find myself trying new things and attempting to add new flavor to what I am cooking.  I am making more health-conscious decisions on what is going into my body, and feel a lot better because of it.   I am finding that eating more fiber and less meats and processed foods, actually keep me feeling full longer., therefore reducing my caloric intake for the day.   I am feeling less bloated than before because my body isn’t working so hard to process the foods that I eat.

Have a great weekend to everyone.


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