Sweeteners and Fudge recipe


Hi there, It’s Heather. Jan and I have made her fudge twice so far since meeting her and let me tell you the carob powder is so much sweeter and NOT at all bitter like cocoa powder, therefore using it in recipes will require LESS sweetener! Her fudge recipe is smooth and creamy, and just sweet enough to curb that craving for chocolate AND sugar! For my family I have made NO additions to  this recipe and everyone likes it.  Below are pictures of last weeks fudge.  WELL worth the try!  fudge 1

fudge 2

As far as sweeteners go, did you know that 1 TEASPOON of Stevia extract is equal to 1 CUP of regular granulated sugar?  You can purchase it at any Natural food grocery store.  Don’t confuse Stevia Extract with brands like Truvia, they still contain artificial  sweeteners! I am VERY sensitive to artificial sweeteners.  Anytime I have tried anything with artificial sweeteners in it, within an hour I am down with a massive headache.  That includes those pink and blue packets found at restaurants.  BAD BAD BAD for you!

Below is a conversion chart that I have been using.  My husband likes his southern sweet tea and likes it just as well with the Stevia Extract in it.  Kool-Aid?  YUP 1 Teaspoon of Stevia Extract and the kids LOVE it!  I feel better about t because it is better for you!

Sugar amount Equivalent Stevia powdered extract Equivalent Stevia liquid concentrate
1 cup 1 teaspoon 1 teaspoon
1 tablespoon 1/4 teaspoon 6 to 9 drops
1teaspoon A pinch to 1/16 teaspoon 2 to 4 drops

From The Stevia Cookbook, copyright 1999 Ray Sahelian and Donna Gates


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