Hi, my name is Jan Peregrine. I hope the name of this blog, which I co-author with Heather Piper-Hay, has made you curious about what we’ll write about and share with you. Heather and I, who are of a big, little city in the middle of the United States, only have your best interests at heart.

After recently enjoying the movie Julie & Julia that is inspired by French chef Julia Child and a blogger challenged to learn to cook like Child, my friend and I decided we had a lot to talk about when it comes to our different relationships with food.

She was the impetus I needed. Since adopting a whole foods, plant-based approach to how I eat over a dozen years ago, I’ve wanted to write a health/cook book. I’ve not only read widely about strict vegetarianism and freely chosen to become and remain a proponent, but I’ve enjoyed learning to cook, bake, and blend many deliious recipes that Heather and her family are now rewardingly appreciating.

As my friend has commented, she has pretty much lived to eat since she was thirty, gaining a lot of weight, while I have almost always eaten to live. Good food is still a great comfort to me, but I don’t use it to comfort me. I am most comforted to know that it gives me great health physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I should point out that spiritual benefit does not rest on anything other than our common human spirit. Neither of us claim to be moralistic preachers of a diet or that you need to only eat this way.

We all share a fascination with food and how it makes us feel. Heather and I hope you’ll find our exciting discoveries about eating to be fascinating as well as relatable and helpful. While I have the joyful experience in strict vegetarian cooking, which includes time-tested recipes, she contributes the joy of discovering a new relationship with food that is already making her feel better in all ways, which includes much more money for spending on food for her growing family.

Our meeting through work has been, you see, a wonderful experience and of benefit to us both as well as friends and family. Now we would like to share the experience with you. It is your choice as to whether our blog will be of benefit to you, but we hope it will.

Heather’s story with food is quite different than mine and that seems to me to be one of the beauties of this blog. Stories are most compelling when they are about journeys rather than destin-ations, passionate questions instead of premade answers.

I suggest that you are reading this blog because you are caught up in the journeys and questions that we daily struggle with in regard to how to eat for health, energy, nutrition, and pleasure.

Like our logo implies we are what we eat, grounded and comforted by a natural relationship with food, that which comes from the Earth to be precise. When we enjoy eating to live, rather than iiving to eat, we may enjoy life so much more in more ways.

Thank you for your interest and hopefully you still want to read more of our stories and try the original recipes. Please leave comments if or when we have moved you to do so.


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